Here is a list of my publications with links to where you can find them if available.


Bell, M. M. and L. Ashwood. 2016. An Invitation to Environmental Sociology. 5th Edition. Thousand Oaks, California: Pine Forge Press.

Special Issue Editor

2016 Journal of Rural Studies, “Rural as a Dimension of Environmental Injustice.” Co-editor with Kate MacTavish.

Journal Articles

Ashwood, L. and K. MacTavish. Forthcoming. “Tyranny of the Majority and Rural Environmental Injustice.” Journal of Rural Studies.

Ashwood, L. and M.M. Bell. Forthcoming. “Affect and Taste: Bourdieu, Traditional Music, and the Performance of Possibilities.” Sociologia Ruralis.

Ashwood, L. and Steve Wing. 2016. “Worker Alienation and Compensation at the Savannah River Site.” New Solutions 26(1):55-71.

Ashwood, L., N. Harden, M. M. Bell, and W. Bland. 2014. “Linked and Situated: Grounded Knowledge.” Rural Sociology 79(4):427-452.
* Rural Sociology Best Paper Award.
* Lead Article.

Ashwood, L., D. Diamond, and K. Thu. 2014. “Where’s the Farmer? Limiting Liability in Midwest Industrial Hog Production.” Rural Sociology 79(1):2-27.
* Lead Article.

Harden, N., L. Ashwood, M. M. Bell, and W. Bland. 2013. “For the Public Good: Weaving a Multifunctional Landscape in the Cornbelt.” Agriculture and Human Values 30(4):525-537.
* Early Version Winner of 2009 Agriculture, Human Values, and Society Graduate Student Paper Competition.
* Early Version Winner of International Symposium on Society and Natural Resources Doctoral Student Paper Competition.

Book Chapters

Ashwood, L. and M.M. Bell. 2016. “The Rural-Agriculture Power Play.” Pp. 650-660 in Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies, edited by D. Brown and M. Shucksmith. UK: Francis and Taylor.

Ashwood, L. 2010. “Without Categories and Classifications: ‘Rural’ as a Social Expression.” Pp. 113-126 in From Community to Consumption: New and Classical Themes in Rural Sociological Research. Rural Sociology and Development Series, edited by A. Bonanno, H. Bakker, R. Jussaume, Y. Kawamura and M. Shucksmith. Bingley. UK: Emerald Publishing.
* Winner of 2009 European Society for Rural Sociology Fred Buttel Award: Best graduate student paper.

Book Review

Ashwood, L. 2012. “Daniel Imhoff: The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories.” Agriculture and Human Values 29: 427-428.

Policy Report

Ashwood, L., N. Harden, M. Bell, and W. Bland. 2011. The Green Action Plan: Real Problems, Real Solutions. Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs and UW-Madison.


You can also read my Curriculum Vitae to learn more about my work.